What is snail slime?

Snail slime is a kind of mucus secreted by a snail to provide a protective layer for the integument (external skin) when it moves. It also serves as a shield against environmental dangers such as harsh weather or harmful microorganisms. The mucus acts as a friction- reducing agent, enabling the snail to move along with ease. Additionally, the mucus will heal any wounds on the skin tissue caused by friction with rough surfaces. When the shell of the snail is cracked or broken, another type of mucus is secreted to heal or rebuild a new shell. All of which indicate the natural healing and regenerative powers of snail slime.

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Snail Slime: The Miracle Skin Care

Numerous research confirm that the abundance of antioxidants, proteins and other compounds in snail slime extract is highly effective in regenerating dead skin cells. The extract has proven to have potent properties for healing and repairing the skin. Cell renewal, hydration, wrinkle reduction, elasticity enhancement and anti-bacterial protection are among an array of benefits for the skin.

Key ingredients of snail slime include:

  • Allantoin An anti-inflammation and anti-irritation substance that helps moisturize skin, repair damaged skin tissues, reduce wrinkles and stimulate new cell production.
  • Hyaluronic acid Its visco-elasticity and water-binding ability helps strengthen elasticity and hydration in the skin, making it firm and moist.
  • Glycolic acid eliminates dead skin cells and helps promote their replacement with new cells, in addition to prevent oily skin.
  • Proteins provide nourishment for the skin and help to maintain its glow.
  • Peptides provide effective anti-bacterial properties.

More importantly, snail slime stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins for a youthful skin. Its innumerable benefits for effective skin care have made snail slime a widely used ingredient in cosmetics.

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Siamese Snail Slime – A Powerful Skin Care Ingredient

Professor Somsak Panha, senior researcher at the Department of Biology , Head of
the Research Unit of Animal Systematics of Chulalongkorn University and the Director
of Thailand’s National Centre of Excellence on Biodiversity, has been a leading figure in
the research on the Siamese snail. With more than 30 years of studies and field research
behind him, Prof. Somsak notes that Thailand has more than 600 varieties of
the Siamese snail. The high biodiversity and climatic conditions of the country’s tropical
ecosystem enable the Siamese snails to not only thrive in greater variety but also
have greater anti-bacterial ability. As a result, their slime is superior to that of snails
in countries with cooler temperate climate. Research has proven conclusively that the slime
of the Siamese snail has cosmetic properties that yield 30 times better than those of snails in other countries.

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